Loan Closings

We’re Busy Funding Our Clients’ Success

We have a vast portfolio of loans spanning a diverse range of clients and project types. What all the loans have in common is Kennedy’s unrivaled approach to funding. Each loan started with an expert analysis from our senior officers leading to a funding solution that was carefully crafted for each client.


La Mare Win, LLC
Glen Cove, NY

Working Capital/Approval Process


EW Acquisition, LLC
East Windsor, NJ

Working Capital
121-Unit Assisted Living Facility


Bedford Crest, LLC
Suitland, Maryland

Acquisition/Working Capital
Multifamily Development


Settlers Greene, LLC
Colchester, Connecticut

Mortgage Payoff/Working Capital


4202414 Canada Inc.
Lakeshore, Ontario

Refinance & Construction
Retirement Home


Sleep Shopper Lender, LLC
Houston, Texas

Working Capital
Retail Outlet and Warehouse


Franklin Place New York, LLC
New York, NY

Refinance/Working Capital
Manhattan Penthouse

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